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The Haunting of Molly Pickett

Fiction, Christian, Sci-fi, Horror

The movie is on it’s way!  Get started now with the first volume in the Guardian Angel series before the movie is released.  Available in Kindle and paperback versions.  Click the book cover for more information about the book, or click Buy This Book to purchase through Amazon.

The Master of the Tall, Tall Tale

Michael Kent’s Books

The Haunting of Molly Pickett

The Guardian Angel Series
(Volume 1)

Three Days After the Cross

The Guardian Angel Series
(Volume 2)

Family Business

The Guardian Angel Series
(Volume 3)

Nuclear Autumn

The Guardian Angel Series
(Volume 4)

Tales from the Mike-Side

Deranged / The Soul Catcher / Maybe I Died

Journey to the Mike-Side

Growing Through the Cracks of Adversity

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