Three Days After the Cross

When Ephesian plumbers Aretus and Dionitis are summoned to work in Jerusalem, little do they know that they will be witnesses to the most important moment in all of history. The city is a pressure cooker of religious belief and political revolution. At the center of it all is a mysterious man named Jesus…

Meanwhile, Dionitis’s friend Erica has discovered one of the most important artifacts in the ancient world—a map to Mount Olympus. As she and the giant Cresius uncover the secrets of the Greek gods, they discover the truth about a spiritual battle spanning the ages.

Now Aretus, Dionitis, Erica, Cresius, and his brother Cassius find themselves at the center of political and spiritual events culminating in a battle in hell itself!

Like the fantastic thrillers of Frank Peretti, Three Days After the Cross shows the power and sublimity of Christ through the eyes of ordinary humans. Michael Kent combines historical fiction with contemporary spiritual lessons in this suspense-filled epic.

Three Days After the Cross is the second in Kent’s series Tales from the Mike-Side, a collection of spiritually influenced genre pieces. The first, The Haunting of Molly Pickett, is available through

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