Tales from the Mike-Side

Michael Kent, the master of the strange tall tale is back with three psychological thrillers.

DERANGED:  A mind-bending first hand account of a man lost in his own brain. It is said that we average humans use only ten percent of our brains. Would using far more be a blessing or a curse? What liberties might one take, if there weren’t any consequences.  This story was made into a feature film in 2023 – see movie poster below.

THE SOUL CATCHER:  A trip to his ancestral home takes a boy on an adventure that tests his strength and courage. His family roots take him into the land of the dead.

MAYBE I DIED:  Is it possible for a mind to project a future beyond the point of death? Would you even realize it were so? Entertain the possibility that the life you’re living is only a near death projection.

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