The Haunting of Molly Pickett

This tale of two virgins and a ghost in the machine is Michael Kent’s first installment in the GUARDIAN ANGEL series.

In 1850, Molly Pickett sold her soul, her virginity, and her baby to the occupants of a haunted goldmine. There’s nothing left for Molly, in this whole world, but gold.

166 years later, the Cowhide Mountain nuclear reactor is about to be brought online. There’s only one problem. The reactor core was built smack-dab atop Molly’s haunted mine shaft. What could possibly go wrong?

Anna’s been hearing voices. Her worship of the god of science, and her job at Cowhide, leave her vulnerable to the same demons that tricked Molly Pickett. Will her brother’s prayers be enough to save her from a fate worse than death?

Michael Kent is the master of the tall, tall tale. Get ready for a non-stop thrill ride of a read that will leave you breathless.

Movie Production Begins in the Summer of 2020

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