So you wanna be an author? You think you can write? Maybe you can. But if it’s your first book, you don’t know if you can or not. There has to be an outside observer to tell you if you’ve got the goods or not.

Don’t even talk to me about typo’s. That’s akin to washing the windows on a house you built from the ground up. And if you can’t take the criticism of someone who ‘gets it’ telling you your literary baby is ugly–don’t even start your first book.

Now, you can take writing courses for 20 years and still not get it. Because it’s not that hard. But it’s also not that easy. Just because you crank out 55,000 words, and type The End, doesn’t mean you’re done. That’s when the real work starts. But most novices don’t get that.

Anybody wanna talk about it?

Michael Kent

Michael Kent

Author / Publisher / Producer

Michael Kent is the author of six books, publisher for seven authors, and producer for a film company.

His writing is infused with the grit of his challenging childhood, his Christian faith, and his experience in the aerospace industry.